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- A discounted preorder price of $3.99 (reg $4.99)

- Instant access to pre-release versions of Konsui Fighter

- The latest news and updates through the Konsui Fighter community

Early-Access Enrollment

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By participating in the early-access program, you understand that:

  • The game is incomplete. We're still working hard on it, and some modes and gameplay features may not be available or fully functional yet.
  • The game may display issues. We want you to submit reports if you get a crash, and hit us up in the community if you notice what you think is a bug.
  • We're still refining our gameplay. While it may be incomplete or unbalanced in certain areas, be sure to check back often as you receive future builds for updates.
  • We are a small team, and our resources are limited. We will do our best to respond to communications and take community feedback into consideration.
  • We are proud to have you join our community. For the last several years, Konsui Fighter has been a project of passion for us, and having you become a part of our community means a lot to us. You are awesome. Thanks for your support!