Circean Studios is an Overland Park, Kansas based game development team. The group formed in the summer of 2010 under the direction of Shayne Helms, and co-founders Sean Cornett and Logan Jensen. In the fall of 2010, when production of Konsui Fighter was just getting under way, the team accepted applications for the lead artist position on the title and selected Jas Carpenter to join the team. As work on Konsui Fighter progressed, the team sought expanding the art team to tackle the countless hours of colorization work required for the nearly 1400 character frames needed for the game. In the summer of 2012 the team brought in digital artists Leah Faulkner and Michelle Thomas to tackle that task. The team has attended multiple conventions to demo Konsui Fighter, including the Naka-Kon Anime Convention in Overland Park, KS, and the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, TX. The team is currently working hard to complete the initial version of Konsui Fighter.




Lead Director 


Shayne Helms is a software engineer, game designer, artist, and composer, bringing a wide range of game development experience to the team. Over the years, he has created games for a variety of systems, including some of his own design. Shayne began exploring the world of music composition in his high-school years, creating tracks for his game projects. He now leads the Circean Studios team, seeking out new and unique game concepts and stories for players to experience.

Shayne has contributed a wide variety of skills to the production of Konsui Fighter. He has led the design and implementation of Aeaea Engine, the custom game engine developed for the title. Shayne has also provided much of the game implementation behind Konsui Fighter, as well as constructing the games character and story metadata. He provides the game's original soundtrack, as well as story and character design. 

"Picking a favorite character is difficult - I really like them all! If I had to pick one, I'd probably go with Shinrou - I did his voice work as well as the colorization for his frames, and I think his morphing moves are going to look totally badass in the final cut!"



PR and Marketing Manager 

Logan Jensen has been a part of the Circean Studios team since its creation in 2010. He works exclusively as the lead marketing and public relations manager for the studio. He has enjoyed his experience working on Konsui Fighter, helping the team with various tasks such as character reference shots as well as getting to meet players experiencing Konsui Fighter for the first time. Logan looks forward to Circean Studios' next game creation!

"My favorite character is Shinrou because of his amazing design and serious 'mysteriousness'."






Lead Artist 

Jas Carpenter is a self-taught fine artist now pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. His unique style is heavily inspired by traditional East-Asian paintings, Japanese anime, and punk art. He goes back and forth between working with acrylic painting and creating manga.

Konsui Fighter is Jas’ first major animation production. For this project he has contributed over one-thousand hand-drawn sprite animations, ten animated stage backgrounds, all of the in-game story art, the logo design and all of Konsui Figher’s character illustrations.

“I think we are all struggling to pick a favorite but I’d like to choose Yuraku. I created her appearance based off Linda Quach, a local fashion designer and a good friend of mine. I started animating Yuraku towards the end of the project so I feel that my animation ability is best displayed in her moves.”



Engine and Toolset Developer

International man of mystery and geek of all trades, Sean Cornett has long developed his programming skills and is determined to unleash them upon the world. His ultimate goal:  “Taking over the world… of video games.

As a child, he dreamed of being a scientist yet once he discovered the magic of 'programming' in high school, he quickly mastered what he could with his limited resources. Now that he has found others who can do what he cannot (i.e. art) it is only a matter of time until he can get that new car.

Sean does a large chunk of the programming including, but not limited to: graphics engine, story interface, camera for reference frames, and the game editor.

Sean’s favorite character is Hitan because he likes the strong, silent type (and the slight Goth thing is hot).




Digital Artist 

Leah Faulkner has loved art ever since she was little and continues to fill sketchbooks with drawings that range from realism to anime/manga. She has taken many art classes during her high school experience and would like to continue creating art. She has experimented with animation as well as painting.

She was thrilled when invited to join the Konsui Fighter team. It has been a great experience for her and she has learned a lot. She contributes to the team by digitally coloring character frames after they have been drawn and scanned.

"My favorite character in the game is Kyouki because she had such a fun color scheme and I never got tired of coloring her frames. Kyouki's moves were really interesting and complex as well."